How to decorate your House with Kenyan Made Throw Pillows

Growing up, decorating a house was unheard of. Our parents just woke up one day, went shopping bought a couch and brought it house. They considered nothing else e.g. paint color, design, theme, style, etc. As long as it served its core purpose, sitting that was it. This has changed over the years and more people are appreciating the role of decorating items. At My Comfy Pillows, we are out to make sure your house is fabulously lively with the best selection of  Kenyan throw pillows. Our designs, materials and workmanship are locally sourced as we embrace the Kenyan spirit:  For Kenya by Kenya.

Throw pillows come in various designs, shapes and sizes. Despite this, they are one of the simplest and inexpensive ways to lighten up a dull house. They are easy to change according to the season, mood or personality. It can often be confusing to pick the right pillows due to the varieties available in the market but do not worry; we will show you the perfect way to decorate your house with throw pillows to bring out unification and ingenuity in your house, the Kenyan way.


  1. Choose different sizes and shapes 

Standard throw pillows measure 18 * 18 inches but at My Comfy Pillows we can customize yours according to your preference. Want them square, round, rectangle or even boxed? We got you covered with our flexible designs and sizes.

The size of the pillows should not overwhelm your furniture but rather blend in with everything else in your house. So combine those unique shapes and designs for to show off your personality.


2. Mix different textures and patterns


With a variety of materials available you are guaranteed to get your desired texture and feel from: velvet, linen, cotton, silk or even executive grade leather.

We have a tip for you: How about you layer a velvet pillow on a cotton one for a smooth look? Or even better mix one bold solid color followed by a simple floral or striped pattern to bring out a polished and harmonized look.


3. Place your pillows correctly


Placement and number of pillows in a couch dictate the look you get eventually. If you want a modern look, place them in odd numbers like 3 or 5 on both ends of the couch and one in the middle. For a classical look, place them in even numbers 2 or 4 and at either sides of the couch.


4. Choose one color and decorate around it


We want your house looking colorful but hey you don’t want to overdo it. To keep it sane enough, pick one color and decorate everything else around it. That includes your pillow colors.

Where the wall and couch colors are bold, your pillow colors should be mild with simple patterns. For mild background colors, pillows form part of the foreground therefore go for bold colored pillows with big patterns.

*Extra Pro tips

Layer a range of patterns, colors and textures to appeal to the eye. Busy patterns work smoothly with simple ones.

Bold colors work together with neutral ones. At My Comfy Pillows we are ready to help you achieve the perfect pillows with a Kenyan inspired twist.

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